Reading challenge – Realm of the Elderlings Update 8

August 1, 2014

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Progress: Fool’s Errand 18%

So.  Onto Fool’s Errand.  The first thing I’d like to comment on is, isn’t the cover art for the audiobook simply gorgeous?  I don’t normally pay much attention to covers, but that one really drew my eye. The lighting and the mysterious figures are beautiful.  They are much preferable to the paperback or hardback cheesy images.

Secondly, with moving onto a new series I’m moving onto a new narrator for the audiobooks.  While I’d nothing against Paul Boehmer who narrated The Farseer Trilogy and Anne Flosnik of the Liveship Traders, James Langston seemed to me to be of a completely different calibre entirely.  Of course, that could be that he gave Chade a burr in his accent which reminded me of my childhood!

Here’s a sample

I am reminded that Hobb’s trilogies are VERY, VERY slow to start.  Fitz’s desire to shut himself off from his old life and those he loves to lead a quiet, sedentary life is beginning to annoy me now!  Let’s just get on with the adventure please.  I’ll need to bear that in mind when I start Fool’s Assassin that I’ll need to be patient while the story gets started.

I’ve just finished reading of Fitz’s first meeting with the Fool after 15 years of absence and once again I’m shipping them soooo hard.  It’s beautifully written how Fitz is unaware of the depth of the Fool’s love for him (at this point at least) and also of his own love for the Fool.

More tomorrow.

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