Reading roundup – December 19th 2014
Reading Roundup / December 19, 2014

I must admit, I’m in a real reading slump right now. As I’ve mentioned in a recent post, I’m currently trying to adjust to my first hearing aid.  Most of the reading I’ve done recently has been on that subject.  I don’t think I’ve read more than a chapter or two of a fiction book in the last couple of weeks.  Adjusting to the hearing aid has also meant that I’ve not been in the mood to listen to audiobooks.  It’s not even the book I’m reading – it’s Mortal Heart, the last in Rachel Lefevers His Fair Assassin trilogy and it is a good book I think. I am going out of town for Christmas leaving tomorrow and I’ve not even planned my vacation reading.  Dear me, I’ve got it bad!  Perhaps when I’m away from work and on a plane with nothing much to do, my reading will be kicked up a notch again! Happy holidays and stay safe.

I’m back! Reading roundup – 10th December 2014
Reading Roundup / December 6, 2014

Aaand I’m back after my long hiatus!  Thank you for your patience. First things first; confession time,  I reached exactly 0 words total on my NaNoWriMo project.  Sigh. My first challenge was that I was too engrossed in In the Afterlight the last in Alexandra Bracken’s Darkest Minds trilogy.  This was released just a day or so before NaNoWriMo, which was just mean!  I really couldn’t put the thing down.  I found this last instalment in Ruby and co’s story to be engrossing and wonderfully satisfying.  I probably won’t do a full review on it as it’s been a little while since I read it, but it got a five star rating from me on GoodReads. Then in November things became unexpectedly crazy at work and I spent all day every day working my butt off to keep our support queue under some kind of control.  After that the last thing I felt like doing was coming home and writing.  It was much easier to delve into someone else’s world than to work on creating my own.  These are all, excuses, I  know, and I’m not proud of myself.  Maybe next year I’ll do better. Other non-reading events in my…