Reading challenge – Realm of the Elderlings Update 7

August 1, 2014

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[book-info title=”Ship of Destiny” author=”robin-hobb-2″]

Progress: Ship of Destiny 100% complete.
Progress: Fool’s Errand 4% complete. 

Woohoo, two books down, three to go!  I finished Ship of Destiny today, the second longest of the five books I’m reading for the Realm of the Elderlings reading challenge.  I also started on Fool’s Errand, the first in the Tawny Man Trilogy.  Darn, I miss Whispersync for Voice already :o(

The Liveship Traders series is quite differently structured to the Farseer Trilogy.  It contains multiple story strands and multiple points of view, whereas Farseer is purely from Fitz’ point of view.  The joy of the Farseer trilogy is getting to know Fitz and those he loves in great depth.  With the Liveship Traders, the characters didn’t speak to me nearly as much (Amber excepted) but I loved watching how all the disparate plots came together in a really satisfying ending.  I am looking forward to getting back to Fitz and the Fool though!

Back with more tomorrow!

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