Reading challenge – Realm of the Elderlngs Update 17

August 11, 2014

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Progress: Fool’s Fate 50% complete.

OK, confession time.  I was disappointed that Brilliance Audio isn’t releasing Fool’s Fate in audiobook format in Canada until later this month so I used an iTunes UK gift voucher from my parents to pick up the book from iTunes UK.  The narrator is different – Nick Taylor rather than James Langton – and I would have preferred to have had them all the same.  Still it does mean if I don’t quite finish in time I’ll be able to finish the book during my coach trip on Friday. I may still pick up the North American one just so I have the set.

This was another hard slog of a section, mirroring the hard journey our intrepid hero undergoes to reach the dragon Icefyre’s icy lair.  Lots of being cold, miserable, and hiking through treacherous snow and ice.  We’ve finally arrived at our destination, so hopefully things will start to happen soon.

Only a couple of things to note: we still don’t know who our antagonist is yet.  We’re half way through the final book of the series!  It’s becoming more strongly implied that it’s the Pale Woman.  It’s also clear that the antagonist is familiar with the Skill given the way he/she manipulates Fitz and Thick to almost kill each other.  Fitz and the Fool are becoming more comfortable with the depth of their connection.  Let’s hope Fitz’s loss of the Skill is only temporary.

More tomorrow

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