Reading challenge – Realm of the Elderlings Update 15

August 9, 2014

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Progress: Golden Fool 100% complete.

Woohoo, four books down, one to go!  Next up: Fool’s Fate.  I would just like to say thanks to everyone who has been following along with me on this reread.

So, a lot happened in that last section of the book I just finished.  Here are some of the highlights.

Dutiful’s Coterie is formed.  I loved this particular section.  It was beautifully written how Chade, Dutiful, The Fool and Thick all came together in the Skill to save Fitz’s life, with each of them bringing something to the table.  Chade’s arcane knowledge, the Fool’s love for Fitz, Thick’s sheer strength in the Skill and Dutiful’s skill at bringing it all together.  I believe they are making a big mistake in shutting The Fool out of the subsequent Skill lessons, which they may find to their cost.

The rapprochement between The Fool and Fitz after their argument about love vs plumbing.  I can’t believe Fitz didn’t see that the reason The Fool was shutting him out was because of the deep, deep hurt he felt at Fitz’s reaction.  I hope the rapprochement continues.

The revelation of The Fool’s tattoos and the moral dilemma which faces Fitz should the Fool go to Asjeval.  It appears Fitz will have to choose between his loyalty to the Farseers, a trait which has defined his whole life up until now, and the Fool’s life.  Tough choice.

So, onto Fool’s Fate, the longest book in my challenge.  The audiobook has not yet been released in North America, so I will be reading only.  I guess we’ll find out what happens next.

Join me then!

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