Reading challenge – Realm of the Elderlings Update 11

August 5, 2014

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Progress: Fool’s Errand 100% complete. Progress: Golden Fool 7% complete

Woohoo, three books down, two to go!  

I have finished Fool’s Errand, the first in the Tawny Man trilogy.  Farewell Nighteyes, fictional wolf of my heart.  I miss him as much as Fitz does.  This last section of the book I finished was far more plot focussed than character driven unlike the earlier sections.  The smelly stuff really starts to hit the fan as Fitz, the Fool and Laurel must extricate Prince Dutiful from the Piebalds and return him to Buckeep to fulfil his royal duties.  Much as I enjoyed the adventure I did actually miss the quieter character moments.

I noticed many little references to other books in the whole Realm of the Elderlings trilogy.  Icefyre, the Narcheska and the Pale Woman will have significance later on the Tawny Man trilogy (if memory serves me right).  There are also references to Bingtown and clearly the beach where Fitz and Dutiful were deposited by the Skill pillar was the Others’ beach of the Liveship Traders.

It was only now that I realised the overarching theme of the entire Realm of the Elderlings was DRAGONS!  I’m not sure why I didn’t spot that before.  In the Farseer trilogy, Verity seeks to wake stone dragons to come to the Six Duchies’ aid.  Aiding the serpents in their struggle to reach their cocooning beaches and become baby dragons is a major motivator for the Liveship Traders trilogy and of course we will have Icefyre and his fate for the Tawny Man.

So, on with Golden Fool tomorrow.

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