Reading challenge – Realm of the Elderlings Update 3
Book Reviews / July 28, 2014

[challenge-progress for=”Realm of the Elderlings” bg=”black” font=”white”] [book-info title=”Ship of Destiny” author=”robin-hobb-2″] Progress: Ship of Destiny 27% complete So I didn’t make a lot of progress today.  Darned work keeps getting in the way! A few thoughts on what I read today. Hobb is really pushing the contrast between Ronica and Serilla.  I can’t remember how that ends up, so I’m enjoying following that Bingtown storyline. The whole issue of women’s rights in Bingtown compared to the Chalcedon states and how it impacts Malta’s storyline is also very interesting.  It also ties into the Ronica/Serilla plot with their respective attitudes to power. Both of the Liveships – Vivacia and Paragon are going a bit nuts.  I don’t think good things can come of this. More tomorrow!