My thoughts on the Amazon Fire Phone
Tech Reviews / June 24, 2014

 As expected, Amazon launched its new Amazon Fire Phone last week.  I watched the launch video and have a few thoughts on the device.  Like the Kindle Fire tablets, the Fire phone is geared towards those who are already heavily invested in the Amazon ecosystem.  Bezos made a point of stating that one year of Amazon Prime will be included with the purchase of the phone.   The two defining features of the Fire phone are Firefly and dynamic perspective.  I understand from various other reviews that the hardware specs are middle of the road for smartphones. Firefly does actually seem quite useful.  The phone uses its camera to match real life objects with the Amazon (and third parties’) databases to bring up additional information on the object and – naturally – to allow you to purchase it from Amazon.  It can recognise objects, sounds, movies and TV shows.  Examples shown by Bezos include identifying a hard copy book and linking to buy from Amazon, recognising a song playing and matching it to the IheartMusic database for streaming, picking up the X-ray for Movies from an episode of Game of Thrones and bringing up details on a piece of art….