Reading Roundup – 30th May 2014

May 30, 2014

Those of you who follow my blog will notice a name change.  As my husband and I became Canadian citizens this week, I have changed the name to Canadian eReader.  It’s not that I’m turning my back on my Scottish roots, but as I live in Canada and my eReading is based on the Canadian market it made sense to update it. Of course, book lovers of whichever nationality are always welcome!

Added to my library this week

This week saw the release of City of Heavenly Fire, the last in Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series.  I’m in the middle of reading it – it’s irritating that work keeps getting in the way – so expect a review soon.  So far I’m enjoying it and appreciating Sophie Turner’s narration.

That’s all I’ve added to my library this week.  I picked it up in both Kindle and Audible formats.  

Upcoming releases in June

On 3rd of June we have the release of Prince of Fools, the first in Mark Lawrence’s new series, The Red Queen’s War.  Lawrence’s previous series, The Broken Empire, sucked me in, almost against my will, and Emperor of Thorns is still one of my top books of 2013.  If it’s like the Broken Empire it will be a gritty fantasy.  I am very interested where he goes with this series.  I’ve preordered this in Kindle format.  As of yet, there’s no sign of an audiobook preorder on Audible, but Recorded Books website indicates it will be narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds with a release date of either the 3rd or 15th of June.

Also on the 3rd of June we have Ruin and Rising, the third in Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy.  While I was somewhat disappointed in book two, Siege and Storm, I am still invested enough in this world and the characters and look forward to finishing the series.  I have preordered it in Kindle format.  It appears the audiobook may be released a week or two after, and will again be narrated by Lauren Fortgang.  I’ve not yet preordered it, but I will likely pick it up to complete my collection.

The 17th of June also sees the release of Graduation Day, the third and final in Joelle Charbonneau’s The Testing series.  This is a YA dystopian series with a great protagonist and I’m looking forward to seeing how Cia’s story ends.  I have this on preorder from Amazon.

There is a large question mark over my third preorder.  I have preordered The Silkworm, the second in the Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith AKA J.K. Rowling.  There is a big question mark over it because it is caught up in the Amazon/Hachette dispute.  It’s still showing in my preorder list, but it is no longer available to order on Amazon.  Interestingly, the Hachette Audio audiobook is still up for preorder on Audible.  I guess I’ll see if it does download to my Kindle on the 24th of June!

I have a preorder on Audible for The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet.  This is the novelisation of the YouTube/transmedia sensation The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  At the risk of repeating myself, go check it out.  Now.  It has been announced that Ashley Clements who played Lizzie Bennet in the YouTube series will be narrating it, so I’m really excited for this.

What books are you looking forward to this month?

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