Reading Roundup – 16th May 2014

May 16, 2014

This has been a quiet week for reading – I’ve been continuing to listen to Ironskin by Tina Connelly, narrated by Rosalyn Landor.  This is a retelling of Jane Eyre with a side helping of fae.  So far, I’m really enjoying it, and a full review will come at some point.

I also finished Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly.  This is the start of a new mermaid based fantasy series.  I will be posting a review probably next week.

As you may remember from last week, the other book I picked up on release day was Charlaine Harris’s new book Midnight Crossing.  I’m about a third of the way through it.  It took a little while to hook me in, but I am beginning to really enjoy it and be intrigued by the new characters.  Again, you know the drill, a review will be forthcoming.

Much of my reading this week though has been travel based.  My husband and I are talking about perhaps doing the trans Canadian train journey next year.  At this point, it’s still very much a vague dream, but I’ve been having a great deal of fun reading up on it.  

Added to my library this week

Lonely Planet Canada, which I picked up in Kindle format.  Lonely Planet is my guidebook of choice and having it in Kindle format is a lot easier to manage than carrying around the 912 page hard copy.  This edition was published in March 2014 so should be pretty up to date.  As well as the possible trans Canada trip next year, my husband and I also have some city breaks planned in Ottawa and Toronto, so it should come in handy.

The second travel related book I bought was Jim Loomis’ All Aboard: The Complete North American Train Travel Guide, again in Kindle format.  As we are hoping to make a train journey next year, this should be interesting background reading.

In non travel related purchases, I placed an Audible preorder of The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet: A Novel.  This is the novelisation of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a transmedia YouTube adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.  The YouTube series is brilliantly written and acted and if you’re interested in those things at all you should check it out.

Sorry for the shorter blog post this week – hope you enjoyed it anyway.

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