Clearing out my old eReaders

December 7, 2013

As most of my regular readers will know, I have a tendency to keep up to date with my eReading devices.  I currently use a Kindle Paperwhite second gen, Kindle Fire HDX and a Kobo Aura.  This means that I have a bundle of perfectly good older models just sitting on my bedside table, so it’s time I sold them on to good homes.

I have:

Kindle Paperwhite First Generation WiFi version

Amazon’s first gen eInk eReader with front lighting technology.
Comes with original box and USB cable.
Used, but in excellent condition.


IMG 0976

Kobo Touch WiFi

Original Kobo Touch non front lit device.
No original packing, comes with USB cable
Used but in excellent condition
Lilac backing


Kobo Glo WiFi front lit reader

Kobo Glo WiFi eReader with comfort light
Comes with original box and USB cable
Comes with grey cover
Used but in excellent condition


IMG 0981IMG 0982

Kindle Touch Wifi Non Frontlit eReader

Amazon’s Kindle Touch non front lit eReader WiFi version
Comes with original box and USB cable
Used, but in excellent condition
Provided: Amazon burgundy leather cover – cover scratched.


IMG 0983IMG 0985

I will be posting these on eBay, Craig’s List and Kijjiji shortly.  However, I’d love to see these go to a reader of my blog. if you are interested, please mail me at or leave a comment.   I will throw in a $10 Amazon or Kobo gift card for the first person to purchase one through my blog.

This could be an excellent opportunity to get into eReading or to give that special someone a gift!

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