Finding Colin Firth by Mia March – Review

July 1, 2013

I received a free copy of Finding Colin Firth by Mia March to review from Netgalley. It is set in the same town as her previous work The Meryl Streep Movie Club, on which I cannot comment as I have not yet had the chance to read it.

Finding Colin Firth is  a sweet story of three women drawn together in a Maine town connected by a theme of unplanned pregnancy and its impact on their lives.  The theme of giving up a child is also explored through other characters in the novel.  There are frequent references to characters being adopted, looking to adopt or working with young pregnant teens.

It is most fully explored, however, through the three main characters.  Bea and Veronica are connected through the fact that Veronica gave birth to Bea as a young woman and gave her up for adoption.  The novel explores their tentatively establishing a connection with each other.  Gemma, on the other hand, is struggling to deal with the realisation that she is expecting a child, and is uncertain how to deal with it despite being happily married.The subject is dealt with compassionately, and the characters are very likeable.

What I liked

Colin Firth.  Like most of the characters – and I imagine many red blooded heterosexual females – I have a soft spot for the Oscar winning English actor (don’t tell my husband!)  This provided an immediate connection to the story.

The title. I couldn’t pass up on a book entitled Finding Colin Firth.  Mr Firth is a dominant presence in this novel, both literally and figuratively.  He is a literal presence in that the actor is supposedly coming to the town to shoot some scenes for his latest film, but is proving elusive to the crowd of fans.  The more figurative aspect is that he is held up to represent the ideal partner; strong, sexy, passionate, kind and warm hearted.  So when the women set out to find Colin Firth, they are also looking for a romantic partner who will sweep them off their feet the way that Firth as Darcy swept Elizabeth Bennet off of hers.

Engaging characters. All three of the main characters are immediately likeable and relatable. They are from different generations, so clearly the author is trying to have a character to appeal to everyone in her audience

The slow, gentle pacing.  Bea and Veronica develop their relationship slowly and carefully.

What I didn’t like

Skimming the surface.  Adoption is a very emotional topic and this is not an in depth analysis of the topic.

Finding Colin Firth is a sweet, engaging read, although it’s not going to set your mind thinking.  It’s a perfect read to take along to the beach or on holiday.

I gave Finding Colin Firth four stars out of five

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