Open Letter to the Pottermore team

August 8, 2011

Dear Pottermore team

First of all thank you for coming up with this innovative experience.  Harry Potter fans around the world had fun with the Seven Days, Seven, Books, Seven Chances to win early access.

However…  Please remember that these are FANS who have won a COMPETITION for early access, not professional beta testers.  While it is clear in the Help information that not everyone will be granted access to the site at the same time, I believe you really need to manage fans’ expectations.  While most of us can understand that not everyone can get in at the same time, telling us we "may have to wait a few weeks for our welcome email" is not very helpful.  It’s only "a few weeks" until the site officially opens to everyone. 

Rumours are floating on the internet ranging from "the emails are being sent now" to "you may not get your access until the day before everyone else."  Please clarify.  While anticipation can heighten excitement, nobody, not even the most passionate Harry fan, can maintain enthusiasm for an unspecific period of time.  All that will happen is that their interest in and excitement about the site will die off.  Please provide an update on how and when you plan to let people in.  

Thank you.


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