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Fool’s Quest by Robin Hobb – Spoilers, Review and Speculation

Fool’s Quest by Robin Hobb – Spoilers, Review and SpeculationFool's Quest by Robin Hobb
Series: Fitz and the Fool
Also in this series: Fool's Assassin, Assassin's Fate
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Elliot Hill
Length: 33 hrs and 11 mins
Genres: Epic Fantasy
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Evelynne's rating: five-stars

One of the books I was most anticipating this year was Robin Hobb’s Fool’s Quest, which was released on August 11th and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  I found it impossible to review this book without mentioning some minor spoilers, so I will hide the spoiler part of the review.

To summarise though I loved this book.  Fitz and the Fool are one of my favourite literary partnerships and I loved reading the continuation of the story.  This is the second in the Fitz and the Fool trilogy, following on from Fool’s Assassin.  The first book was a slow burner, if still very enjoyable, focussing more on character development than action.  This followup is more action oriented and is a wonderful read.

I gave Fool’s Quest five stars out of five and would thoroughly recommend it to any Hobbs fan.  For those new to Hobbs, start with Assassin’s Apprentice (but be aware it’s a slow starter but well worth it)

The rest of the review may contain spoilers and my speculation for book three, so click through only if you have read the book and/or want to be spoiled.



Fool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb – SPOILERS Review and Speculation


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